MR Licence Brisbane

A licence is essential when you have a vehicle on your property. If you are searching for an MR licence, you can attend our training at truck licence Brisbane. You can look at our AUS Truck Training for an affordable MR licence. Our medium rigid truck licence training instructors all have special first-time pass rates. 

MR Licence Brisbane

What is an MR licence?

medium rigid licence, also known as an MR Licence, is a heavier vehicle licence that falls under the intermediate category and gives you access to a wider variety of vehicles than an LR Licence. Due to its greater versatility and ability to operate all two-axle vehicles over 8t GVM, it is one of the most popular licences. You can apply for your MR licence with us.

Who Should Get an MR Licence?

MR Licenses are helpful for individuals in a variety of businesses, including.

  • Tradies
  • Bus drivers
  • School teachers
  • Transport workers
  • Delivery drivers

Types of Medium Rigid Licence

There are three different types of medium rigid licence qld available:

MR Condition A

This type of MR licence Brisbane only enables you to operate automatic-gearing MR trucks.

MR Condition B

  • This MR Condition B allows you to operate an automatic gearbox for mr trucks. The same gearbox used in manual vehicles is called a synchromesh gearbox. If you are familiar with driving a manual car, shifting gears on this truck should not be a problem. Because nearly all modern Medium Rigid (MR) trucks use Synchromesh gearboxes, a Condition B restriction won’t significantly affect the types of Medium Rigid vehicles you can operate.
  • We have a 6-speed Synchromesh Gearbox in our MR Truck.

MR Unrestricted

  • With this licence, you can operate a medium rigid truck with automatic, synchromesh, or crash gearboxes.
  • You must pass your test in our Unrestricted Heavy Rigid Truck to operate an MR truck with a crash gearbox.

The MR licence course includes

  • Test and instruction for MR trucks
  • A heavy vehicle learning manual
  • On or before the first class, the Department of Transportation and Main Roads booking fee you need to be paid.
  • Three hours total for the practical test with the Department of Transportation and Main Roads, including warm-up, test, and licence application while driving our vehicle with an assessor
  • All your exams and classes have been set on the schedule by Major Training.

What are you legally permitted to drive?

You can drive under the Queensland department of main roads and transport regulations.

  • A vehicle of class LR.
  • A bus, with or without a trailer, with a maximum GVM of 9 tonnes and no more than two axles.
  • A truck with a prime mover of more than 8 t GVM with no more than two axles and a trailer with a maximum weight of 9 t GVM or both.
  • A specially built vehicle, such as a tractor with no more than two axles and more than 8 tonnes GVM, with or without a trailer.

The GVM is the total weight, including the truck’s weight that it can transport. This is the weight of a loaded rigid vehicle at its maximum or overall, including body, payload, fuel and driver. It is a number established by the manufacturer, filed with registration authorities, and stamped on the vehicle’s compliance plate. It governs all applications, also called GVW or Gross Vehicle Weight. After undergoing a medium rigid truck licence at AUS Truck Training in Brisbane, you can apply for various lucrative work prospects in logistics and transportation once you have obtained an MR licence. These positions could be for delivery drivers, furniture movers, bus drivers for Brisbane City Council, and more.

Best criteria for admittance for students:

  • You must have your current licence for a specific time to apply for a higher licence class. Except for any time your licence was suspended, turned in, revoked, or expired, it must have occurred within the previous five years.
  • Hold an active or provisional class C or LR licence for the past 12 months.
  • Pay the test booking fee to the Department of Transportation and Main Roads.
  • Pass the heavy truck test.

Reasons for picking our MR Licence Brisbane:

  • Our Driver’s License Brisbane provides various options for skill assessments and training to help you qualify for your MR driver’s licence.
  • Our training centre in Brisbane focuses on providing efficient and flexible heavy vehicle and truck driving lessons.
  • We provide training and evaluation for every type of heavy vehicle, including the Medium Rigid driver’s licence, at our specially designed truck and heavy vehicle training centre.
  • We will offer safety measures while undergoing the training.

A class MR is the best Medium Rigid licence that lets you drive. Vehicles that are rigid and have two axles and a GVM over eight tonnes. Many towed trailers must not weigh more than 9 tonnes GVM.

Of course, it is possible. You may also choose a one-day course, in which case you will receive thorough instruction for that day from our professional trainer.

LR Licence, HR licence, Heavy Combination licence, Multi Combination licence, and Medium Rigid trucks are the training and assessment Aus Brisbane Truck School offers you. Based on your need you can get any of the licence with authenticated proof.

The driving test is administered by Transport and Main Roads for Queensland licences, while our instructor helps evaluate Brisbane licences.

Medium Rigid Truck Licence Brisbane
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