MR Licence Brisbane

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MR licence Brisbane makes you eligible to drive a medium rigid vehicle. Medium rigid vehicles are those vehicles that have 2 axles with a GVM of over 8 tonnes. You need to hold a C-class driving licence for at least 12 months to apply for an MR licence.

MR Licence Brisbane

Medium Rigid Licence To Drive A MR Vehicle

If you are looking for an authorised truck licence Brisbane that offers Medium Rigid truck licence training then you can book a slot with Aus Truck Training School. We offer flexible sessions and our trained professionals assure a comfortable and friendly learning experience. 

Aus Brisbane Truck School offers training as well as assessment for all  LR LicenceHR LicenceHeavy Combination LicenceMulti Combination Licence including Medium Rigid Truck licence. You can also opt for single-day training also, where you will be getting a detailed session for a day.

Training For MR Licence Brisbane

At Aus Truck Driving School, we offer three-kind of courses for those seeking an MR Licence in Brisbane. You can opt for a half-day, one day or two-day courses depending upon your personal preference. The following are the requirements to apply for an MR licence in Brisbane:

  • You must possess a car licence for at least a period of 24 months
  • You must have an identification proof
  • You must be able to drive a car having a manual transmission
  • You must complete the Transport Road Rules test
  • You must pay a practical test fee
  • For those holding an LR licence, written test is not required
  • For those who need an MR Licence to drive a bus, driver’s authorization from TMR will also be required


If you are looking for the best truck licence Brisbane to get an MR licence then you can surely rely on Aus Truck Training, as we are among the most trusted ones in the industry. Possessing an MR licence makes you ride medium rigid vehicles around the country. Trucks and buses having 2 axles with GVM ranging between 8 to 9 tonnes come under the category of Medium Rigid vehicles. 

The team of our driving professionals makes sure that you get an MR licence and their flexible sessions and training assessment options ensure an interesting training experience! They maintain patient behaviour towards trainees, helping you master the medium rigid truck licence courses efficiently. 

You can share your queries with Aus Truck Training and ask for special discounts. We offer the best truck driving courses in Brisbane at the most affordable price.

Medium Rigid licence gives you permission to drive motorhomes, trucks & tow trucks, buses, and local freight vehicles with not more than 2 axles. These vehicles must have a GVM of over 8 tonnes and must not exceed 9 tonnes. The following are the vehicles that you can drive with an MR licence in Brisbane:

  • A Light Rigid vehicle
  • A mobile crane or a prime mover having a maximum of 2 axles
  • An MR class vehicle having GVM less than 9 tonnes

Here are numerous good job opportunities available with an MR licence Brisbane. The following are the most popular among them:

  • Going for local freight deliveries
  • Taking moving assignments
  • Driving car carriers
  • Driving buses and coaches

Possessing a medium rigid licence and car licence (for over 2 years) also makes you eligible for an HR ticket, that is, an HR licence.

To apply for a Medium Rigid licence, you must have the following documents:

  • A permanent, provisional, or probationary car licence for at least 12 months
  • Either an LR licence or must have qualified tests conducted by the Department of Transport and Main Roads – the knowledge test and the on-road practical driving test
  • For those possessing an LR licence written test is not required
  • If you have a medical condition on your current licence then you must also produce a medical certificate
  • If you are interested in driving a bus then must obtain driver’s authorization from TMR
Medium Rigid Truck Licence Brisbane

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