HC Licence Brisbane

Are you interested in getting an HC licence in Brisbane? A Heavy Combination Licence is a step up from a truck licence in Brisbane, and if you wish to get it, you must possess an HC licence for at least 12 months to be eligible.

HC Licence Brisbane

What is HC Licence?

Driving heavy combination motor vehicles requires a class of licence called an HC licence. A heavy vehicle licence is a part of the larger category of licences. Even though each state and territory has a different regulatory authority, an NSW HC licence is accepted nationwide. The organisation that grants HC licences is the Road and Maritime Service, formerly known as the RTA. An RMS-accredited Registered Training Organisation conducts the practical training. At AUS Truck Training, we provide all heavy vehicles with nationally recognised training programmes, including HC trucking.

Types of Heavy Combination Licence:

There are three different HC truck licence kinds, and you can choose one according to your interests. These licences differ depending on their terms, specifically the gearbox limitations. The three different types of licences for heavy combinations are as follows:

  • HC Unconditional Licence: 

On the gearbox, there are no limitations. A double-clutching system will be included in the car.

  • Licensing under Condition B:  

If you have this licence, you must operate HC cars with either an automatic or manual gearbox.

  • Licensing under HC Condition A:

You can only operate an automatic transmission car with this heavy combination licence.

Is A Road Ranger HC licence Required?

We provide training for synchronized and unrestricted licences. You can operate trucks with a road ranger gearbox with a general licence. The most crucial fact to be aware of is how challenging it is to learn how to get an HC licence and drive a road ranger properly. It is different from operating a manual car, and if you keep up the necessary abilities, you will quickly lose the ability.

Only if you already have a job lined up that requires you to have one do we advise you to obtain an unrestricted licence. The majority of employment merely calls for an automatic licence. Be prepared to devote significant time and effort to learning if you require an unrestricted heavy combination truck licence. You can take the B Condition Removal course to unrestricted your licence if you decide later to remove the synchronous condition. Don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your choices if you still have questions about the HC licence cost.

Entry Requirement:

  • Applicants must have a valid NSW MR or heavy combination truck licence that they have held for at least a year.
  • A Competency Based Assessment Learners Logbook and Guidebook must be obtained from RMS, and applicants must pass the Roads and Maritime Services HC Knowledge Test.
  • Before beginning the HC licence course, read the CBA manual.
  • To earn your heavy vehicle licences, you must complete the following stages for all classes of HC truck training you meet with All Onsite Training & Assessment:
  • Prepare by studying for the heavy truck licence qld category you want.
  • Succeed in the RMS knowledge test.
  • The competency-based assessment books should be purchased from RMS for your HC licences.
  • Make a reservation by contacting All Onsite Training and Assessment.
  • Return to the RMS to get your photo licence processed after being found competent.

Essential Steps to follow:

Step-1: Learn to Drive (HC Licence)

You must meet the qualifying requirements and perform the steps listed below if you decide to take a practical driving assessment with an RTO. As an HC Licence requirement qld, you must:

  • The Heavy Vehicle PDA Customer Eligibility form (Form E114)
  • Request that the RTO confirm your identification.
  • Before starting any training or PDA, make sure your eligibility has been verified.
  • Request that the RTO does your commercial vehicle eyesight exam.
  • Specify your business standard medical eligibility on the E114 form, and have the RTO attest to your signature.
  • Sign the E114 form’s camera acknowledgement.
  • Complete the necessary training module and the RTO will offer you a Statement of Attainment upon successful completion.

Step-2: Finish the application:

Applying to upgrade to HC licence classes is possible if you meet the qualifying requirements. Please download and fill out the form if you want to register for a PDA at any DVS centre.

Step-3: Give identification documentation:

For the application, you will need to provide adequate identification documentation. For additional information, please visit Identity Verification.

Step-4: Make in-person application submissions:

You must go in person to a Driver and Vehicle Services location to apply for an HC truck licence Brisbane.

  • You will have to offer:
  • Form DLA1 for a vehicle licence must be completed.
  • Documentation proving your identification
  • Necessary costs

Step-5: Pass the Practical Driving Assessment:

You must complete a practical driving assessment in an HC licence course before receiving your licence.

If you are receiving training and evaluation through a Registered Training Organization, please see the section below on scheduling your activity and assessment with a Registered Training Organization (HR, HC, and MC programmes).

We specialise in truck licence training including LR licence, MR licence, MC licence and HR Licence.


Prime movers with an attached single semi-trailer are permitted to be driven by those having Heavy Combination heavy vehicle licences. Vehicles are classified as Heavy Rigid and have a Gross Vehicle Mass of more than 9,000 kg.

Depending on whether you desire a limited or automatic licence, our HC driver training classes are either 1 or 2 days long. A prime mover and semi-trailer combo is used to teach the one-day course, which results in an immediate HC licence. The two-day course is designed for students who require an unrestricted licence, and for this choice, day one includes the regular Auto HC course.

Heavy Combination Licence Brisbane

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