HC Licence Brisbane

A heavy combination truck licence is required for driving a prime mover or truck towing one trailer. If you want to get an HC licence in Brisbane then you must hold a medium rigid licence or a heavy rigid licence for at least 12 months. With an HC licence, you can drive any truck or towed trailer having a GVM of more than 9 tonnes.

HC Licence Brisbane

Type Of Heavy Combination Licence

There are three types of HC licences and you can select one according to your preferences. The difference in these licences is based on their conditions, precisely on the gearbox restrictions. The following are the three types of Heavy Combination licence:

  • HC Unconditional Licence: There are no restrictions on the gearbox. The vehicle will be comprising a double-clutching technique.
  • HC Condition B (HCB) Licence: This licence makes you drive HC vehicles with a manual or an automatic gearbox.
  • HC Condition A (HCA) Licence: With this licence, you can drive HC vehicles having an automatic gearbox only.

Get An HC Licence Brisbane

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Our efficient trainers ensure a comfortable learning experience making you get your licence conveniently. You can also opt for flexible sessions and those who are confident of towing trailers can also upgrade directly to a multi combination truck driving licence.

Training For HC Licence

Aus Truck Training School Brisbane offers numerous kinds of courses drafted according to the preferences of working as well as non-working professionals. Those who are seeking an HC Licence Brisbane, Aus Training Institute is an ideal and one of the most affordable truck driving school Brisbane. Our well-spoken and friendly professionals will train you in the most efficient way! 

The following are the requirements to apply for a HC Licence Brisbane:

  • An MR or HR driving licence for at least a period of 12 months
  • An identification proof
  • A medical certificate, if required
  • Know driving a car with manual transmission
  • Appear for Transport Road Rules test
  • Pay the practical test fee
  • For those holding an LR Licence Brisbane, MR licence Brisbane or HR Licence Brisbane the written test is not required.


Are you interested in getting upgraded to a Heavy Combination licence? At Aus Truck Training you can learn to drive an HC vehicle and qualify for its licence. You can even opt for individual classes or a single-day training session. Our trained professionals make sure that you learn the driving and other important requirements efficiently. We are one of the most trusted and government-authorized truck driving institutions where we focus on teaching you in the best possible way!

Heavy combination truck licence Brisbane permits you to drive HC vehicles, including truck, dogs & pigs trailers, low loaders, mobile crane, and prime mover with one trailer. The Gross Vehicle Mass of the vehicle must be more than 9 tonnes. According to the norms, you can drive the following:

  • Prime movers having a single semi-trailer
  • Hc class vehicles that have a GVM of over 9 tonnes
  • Any trailer or semi-trailer with a maximum GVM of 9 tonnes
  • An unladen converter dolly

You will need the following documents to obtain a heavy combination licence in Brisbane:

  • A car licence which must be at least 3 years old
  • An MR or HR licence must be issued at least 12 months before
  • You need to pass the on-road practical test conducted by the Department of Transport and Main Roads
  • A medical certificate if you have any medical condition on your existing licence
Heavy Combination Truck Licence Brisbane

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