LR Licence Brisbane

Are you interested in getting an LR licence in Brisbane? A Light Rigid Licence is a step up from a truck licence in Brisbane, and if you wish to get it, you must possess a Light Rigid licence for at least 12 months to be eligible.

LR Licence Brisbane

Obtain Authenticated LR Licence

Our skilled professionals focus on making you a skilled driver by using the most modern driving methods and strategies. Our professional team will ensure you get the most relaxing learning experience possible because we have been in the business for over ten years. Our government-approved training company offers highly regarded heavy truck driver training courses. You can choose between taking individual lessons or a one-day light rigid course because our courses are flexible.

Types of Light Rigid Licence:

1. LR (Light Rigid) Manual Licence

You can operate an LR vehicle with either an automatic or manual gearbox.

2. LR (Light Rigid) Automatic Licence

You can only able to drive automatic gearboxes.

Lr Licence Course For?

Anyone who wants to operate a light rigid truck with two axles and a GVM up to 8 tonnes must have an lr licence or light rigid licence in Brisbane. Additionally, it is an essential requirement for anyone who wants to operate a bus with a GVM of up to 8 tonnes and a capacity for more than 12 adults, including the driver.

Who Should Apply For An LR Licence Brisbane?

  • Tradies: Someone needs to operate a small truck (4.5t GVM and 8t GVM)
  • School Teachers: Anybody wants to operate the school bus on field trips
  • Tour Guides: Individuals require airport connections or guided excursions

Entry Requirements For LR Licence Brisbane

  • You must have held a provisional, probationary, or open driver’s licence for at least a year.
  • Additionally, you must pass the written test for knowledge administered by the Department of transportation and main roads and the on-road driving test.
  • A medical certificate for the class of licence you are asking for is required if you currently have a medical condition listed on your licence.
  • You might also need to obtain your driver’s licence from TMR if you use your lr licence in Brisbane to operate a bus.
  • Payment for the practical driving test
  • Put on the proper clothing, including runners or fully enclosed shoes.

Steps You Need To Follow:

Step 1: Learn to drive (LR class)

You can start learning to operate Light Rigid heavy vehicles once you have been awarded a C-class driver’s licence.

You do not need a learner’s permit. However, you must be accompanied by a supervisor who is one of the following:

  • A certified driving instructor with a driver’s licence of the LR or higher class, or
  • A person with a valid LR licence in driving for at least four years.

You must also wear L plates as a learner driver and adhere to any other requirements that may be set forward.

Step 2: Complete an application 

You may seek to upgrade to an LR class after having a C class licence for 12 consecutive months.

Step 3: Provide proof of identity

For the application, you will need to provide adequate identification documentation.

Step 4: Undertake an eyesight test: Light Rigid (LR class)

  • Applicants must take an eye test when applying for a driver’s LR truck licence.
  • Applying for your light truck licence will occur at the Driver and Vehicle Services facility or a regional agent. Your driver’s licence will be endorsed to indicate that you must wear such aids whilst driving if you used any visual aids to pass the eyesight exam.

Step 5: Pass the practical driving assessment: Light Rigid (LR class). You must pass a Practical Driving Assessment (PDA) in an LR class car before your light rigid licence in Brisbane can be given.

How Will AUS Truck Training Assess You?

  • The following are the main criteria for driving a large truck that you will evaluate:
  • Pre-drive inspections
  • Activities using reverse movements (left or right)
  • Changing gears
  • A hill starts
  • Particular driving circumstances
  • Ability to operate a vehicle
  • Identifying dangers and making decisions
  • During the course, beginners will obtain the knowledge and abilities essential to safely operate a light rigid truck licence or bus through one-on-one training with our instructors. The final competency assessment (FCA), which will be completed at the end of the course, is one of many competencies in which learners will be instructed and evaluated during the light-rigid course. It entails the methodical and effective administration of all vehicle operations, observing traffic and road conditions, the management of vehicle performance and condition, and successfully managing hazardous situations. Individuals who finish the course successfully can upgrade to a light rigid truck licence.

Why Choose Us To Get Your LR Licence?

There are a lot of businesses where you can earn your Rigid Light licence, but we at AUS Truck Training will offer the best training course. However, for the following three reasons, you should finish your light rigid licence qld and pass your test with the school of transport:

  • With your licence and test starting, including the test booking cost, we are less expensive.
  • Most driving Brisbane truck schools don’t have an LR vehicle, but we do for you.
  • We make things more straightforward because you can visit one location to complete your qld driver’s licence classes and testing on the same day.


The Department of Transport and Main Roads test locations maybe 2-3 weeks from when you first contact us. However, we will assist you in this and help you along the way so that your test takes place at the end of your course.

This expense was partly offset when you paid your booking fee to the Department of Transport and Main Roads. Your licence will be reissued with the same expiration date. There will only be a fee if your licence is genuinely up for renewal around the time of your practical driving test.

Light Rigid Licence Brisbane

LR Licence

You can contact us by email or phone to organise a light rigid driving instruction and test. We would like to hear your thoughts and address any questions you may have about the course. At AUS Truck Training Brisbane, we offer the most outstanding licence LR at a low price.