LR Licence Brisbane

Are you interested in getting an LR licence Brisbane? A Light Rigid Licence is a step up from a truck licence Brisbane and if you wish to get it, then you must possess a Light Rigid licence for at least a period of 12 months to be eligible for it.

LR Licence Brisbane

Get Light Rigid Licence Brisbane

Those who are planning to explore the exquisite beauty of Australia in a Motorhome or interested in driving a small truck between 4.5 tonnes to 8 tonnes for work, a Light Rigid Licence Brisbane is mandatory.

Aus BrisbaneTruck School is amongst the most trusted and famous driving schools. We offer nationally recognized truck driving courses for all kinds of vehicles. If you wish to get the best driver training and a Light Rigid licence while staying in Brisbane then you can book a session with the Aus Truck Training School. Our well-trained and efficient trainers ensure the most comfortable driving experience at an affordable price!

LR Licence Brisbane Training

There are three-kind of courses available for Light Rigid Licence Brisbane. You can either opt for a half-day, one day or two-day course depending upon your personal preference. The following are the requirements to apply for an LR licence Brisbane:

  • You must possess a truck licence for at least a period of 12 months
  • You must have an identification proof
  • You must be able to drive a truck having a manual transmission
  • You must complete the Transport Road Rules test
  • You must pay the practical test fee
  • Don’t forget to wear appropriate clothing, including footwear


Are you looking for the best truck driver training school to get an LR licence Brisbane? Whether you are interested in driving a small truck to earn money or roam around in the country on your personal motor home, you will require a light rigid licence for it. It is easier to get an LR licence Brisbane. The team of our expert truck driving instructors are known for their patient behaviour towards learners and helps in mastering the light rigid licence courses.
Aus Truck Training is a training organization approved by the Government and offers nationally recognized heavy vehicle driver training courses. We do have flexible courses and you can opt for either individual lessons or even a single-day training course.

With an LR driving licence, you can drive a motor vehicle that has a gross vehicle mass between 4.5 tonnes to 8 tonnes. Vehicles having a capacity of more than 12 passengers but have a GVM of fewer than 8 tonnes are also included in Light Rigid vehicles.
You can drive small trucks and minibuses with this licence. Vehicles such as Toyota Coasters and Commuters, Mitsubishi Rosas, and small motor homes are the vehicles that you can drive with a Light Rigid licence Brisbane. 

  • One of the most important things to keep in mind before joining a truck driving course is the eligibility and other important requirements. You must possess the following documents to apply for a Light Rigid licence Brisbane:
  • You must hold a provisional, probationary, or permanent truck licence for at least 12 months.
  • You must qualify the tests conducted by the Department of Transport and Main Roads, that is, the written knowledge test and the on-road practical test of driving.
  • A medical certificate, for those who have a medical condition on their current driving licence.
  • If you are interested in driving a bus, then you must also obtain a driver’s authorization from TMR.
Light Rigid Licence Brisbane

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