Forklift Licence

Are you looking for a licence to operate a forklift truck in Brisbane? For those searching for Order Picking training in Brisbane, AUS Brisbane Truck School offers the most affordable packages making you get trained to satisfy the requirements of the employers in the transport industry. Read on to get details on forklift licences!

Multi Combination Truck Licence

Overview Of Forklift Licence Courses

Your forklift licence course will involve numerous pieces of training that will make you have an amazing career in the transport industry. Check out the basic factors of our forklift licence courses: 

  • High-quality training on Counter Weight and High Reach forklifts
  • Familiarising you with legislations and standards required to operate a forklift
  • Training risk management, work planning, and control procedures
  • Make you conduct routine checks of your vehicle
  • Operating forklift and shifting loads in a safer and appropriate manner
  • Theoretical as well as practical training
Multi Combination Truck Licence Brisbane

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Requirements For A Forklift Licence In Brisbane

If you are thinking whether you are eligible for a forklift licence or not then check out these below-mentioned requirements to obtain a forklift licence in Brisbane:

  • Your age must be 18 years or more 
  • You can read and write the English language 
  • You must have a driving licence for at least 12 months
  • You need to produce a medical certificate if some medical condition is applied to your current licence

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Multi Combination Truck Licence Brisbane

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