HR Licence Brisbane

Are you interested in getting an HR licence Brisbane? Heavy Rigid Licence is the highest class of licence. With a Heavy Rigid licence, you can drive any bus or truck with 3 or more axles having a GVM of over 8 tonnes.

If you want to make your career in logistics, trucking, construction, and mining, then you need to possess a Heavy Rigid licence. Before getting enrolled in course, there are numerous important factors to know about it, such as eligibility, procedure, and more! 

HR Licence Brisbane

Get Heavy Rigid Licence Brisbane

For those who seek their career in logistics, trucking, mining, construction, etc. then you will require an HR truck drivers licence as you will be driving vehicles having GVM over 8 tonnes. If you are looking for a government-approved training school offer nationally recognised driving courses then Aus Brisbane Truck School is one such organisation that offers the best services in the area. 

Our experienced trainers ensure comfortable, friendly, and stress-free teaching techniques, to make you learn driving in the most hassle-free manner. You will also be given expert advice which will surely help you while working. The lessons will cover all the aspects of HR Licence Brisbane.

HR Licence Brisbane Training

There are three-kind of courses for those seeking an HR Licence Brisbane from AUS. You can either opt for a half-day, one day or two-day courses depending upon your personal preference. Our professionals will train you Light Rigid LicenceMedium Rigid LicenceHeavy Combination LicenceMulti Combination Licence the most efficient way! 

The following are the requirements to apply for a Truck licence Brisbane:

  • A car licence for at least a period of 24 months
  • An identification proof
  • A medical certificate, if required
  • Know to drive a car having a manual transmission
  • Complete Transport Road Rules test
  • Pay the practical test fee
  • For those holding an LR or MR licence, the written test is not required
  • For those who need a Heavy Rigid Licence Brisbane to drive a bus, driver’s authorization from TMR will also be required


Getting a Heavy Rigid drivers licence is not a difficult task these days. You just need to contact an authorized and trusted driving school to get an HR licence in Brisbane. The training institute offers nationally recognized truck driving courses for the respective classes. Aus Truck Training in Brisbane is one of the most trusted driving institutes that offers HR truck lessons and our professionals make sure that you learn each and every required detail regarding HR vehicles and licence. 

A Heavy Rigid licence makes you drive HR vehicles which include mobile cranes or prime mover. HR vehicles are the buses to trucks having a Gross Vehicle Mass of over 8 tonnes. These vehicles comprise 3 or more axles. The licence is quite popular among those who are interested in pursuing a career in the transport industry. There are two more kinds of HR Licence Brisbane – Heavy Rigid Unconditional and HR Condition B. A Heavy Rigid Unconditional Licence has no gear conditions. This licence holds the broadest range of employment prospects. If you have an HR Unconditional licence, then you can easily get it upgraded to an HC or MC licence in the future. 

A Heavy Rigid Condition B also makes you attain good employment in the road transport industry. Heavy Rigid licence is comparatively inexpensive and is apt for those drivers who want to avoid road ranger gearboxes. You can also get Heavy Rigidlicence upgraded in later years if required. 

There are numerous job opportunities for those individuals having an HR licence Brisbane. Some of the most popular among them have been mentioned below:

  • Driving large council buses
  • Operating haul trucks in mining industries
  • Driving interstate & intrastate coaches
  • Driving Heavy Rigid vehicles for moving contractors
  • Get a removalist job

If you want to get an HR licence then you must fulfill the following requirements:

  • You must hold a permanent, provisional, or probationary car driving licence for at least a period of 2 years.
  • You need to qualify the tests conducted by the Department of Transport and Main Roads, that are, the written knowledge test, and on-road practical driving test.
  • If you possess a Light Rigid or Medium Rigid licence, then you don’t need to appear for the written knowledge test.
  • If you hold a medical condition on your current licence, then you need to submit a medical certificate.
  • For those who need a Heavy Rigid licence to drive a bus, there must be a driver’s authorization from TMR
HR Truck Licence Brisbane

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