MC Licence Brisbane

Are you interested in getting an MC licence in Brisbane? The MC licence, popularly known as the Multi Combination licence, makes you increase your potential earning. This is a pinnacle qualification in the industry of transport and will make you expand your career prospects. Read on to know the requirements, procedure, importance, and many more important things about Multi Combination truck licence!

A Multi Combination licence certifies you to drive a vehicle towing two or more trailers. To apply for a Multi Combinational truck licence in Brisbane, you must possess a Heavy Rigid or Heavy Combination licence for at least 12 months. 

Multi Combination Truck Licence Brisbane

Type Of Multi Combination Licence

There are three types of Multi Combination Truck Licence. The difference is mainly their conditions, that is, gear restrictions. Here are the details about the three types of MC licence: 

Multi Combination Unconditional: When you are interested in no restrictions on gearbox, then you can go for Multi Combination Unconditional licence. This licence enables you to drive any MC vehicle having an automatic synchromesh. This, in general, refers to a double-clutching technique.

Multi Combination Condition B: This licence permits you to drive an MC vehicle having a manual or automatic gearbox.

Get An Multi Combination Licence In Brisbane

For those who are interested in qualifying for a multi combination drivers licence, Aus Brisbane Truck School is amongst the most popular and affordable training institutes from where you can also apply for the government-approved licence. 

We have exclusive sessions drafted according to the preferences of working as well as non-working professionals. For those who want to kick start their career with a multi-combination vehicle, we do offer one-day & two-day training courses. Meticulous and advanced training for freshers is also available!

Multi Combination Licence Training

The professional truck trainers at Aus Truck Driving School Brisbane ensures the most comfortable and friendly learning experience. You can also have one-on-one interactions with trainers to understand on-road challenges. 

Aus Truck Training offers varied courses designed to make you an efficient driver so that you get your licence conveniently. Individuals seeking a Multi Combination or Multi Combination Licence must qualify the following requirements to apply for a Multi Combination Truck Licence in Brisbane:

  • A Heavy Combination licence or HR licence Brisbane for at least a period of 12 months
  • An identification proof
  • A medical certificate, if required
  • Appear for Transport Road Rules test is not required
  • Theory portions are covered during training
  • Pay the practical test fee 
  • Lodge application at the Department of Transport & Main Road Customer Service Centre
Multi Combination Truck Licence Brisbane

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