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Are you interested in getting an MC training in Brisbane? You can receive training from AUS Truck Training to get your MC driver’s licence.

MC Licence Brisbane

What Is MC Training?

The apex of the road transportation sector is the Multi-Combination Training. It is the most advanced and challenging licence you can obtain in Brisbane. The most significant work opportunities and the capacity to operate nearly any vehicle come along with the training’s rigour.

Who Should Apply For An MC Training?

People who want to work as drivers of the biggest and trickiest trucks on the road need a Multi Combination Training. It is intended for stern transportation experts who have established careers in the field and desire a sizable yearly salary raise.

What Vehicles Can You Drive On An MC Training?

A multi-combination vehicle hauling more than one trailer is typically known as a B-Double or Road Train. To qualify for your MC truck training, you must have an HR/HC licence for at least 12 months.

  • MC training
  • A truck classified as HC.
  • A B-Double is a primary mover capable of hauling two semitrailers, one supported at the front and attached to the other.
  • A truck train (motor vehicle, other than a B-double, towing two or more trailers).

Our Multi-Combination Training’s Learning Objectives 

You will gain all the skills required to drive one of these sophisticated trucks during your MC training. While studying the theory described in the Multi Combination Truck, you will also acquire the practical skills needed to create numerous trailers, connect them, and reverse them while towing multiple trailers.

Eligibility For Driving a Multi-Combination Vehicle:

Before you can graduate to the next higher class, you must have a particular licence class. This time may consist of a single continuous period or several discrete intervals. You cannot include any time while your licence is suspended or revoked when calculating this term. Minimum storage time:

  • It is necessary to have held a valid HC driver’s licence for at least a year.
  • If you presently hold an LR or MR licence, you cannot apply for a Multi-Combination training.

Optimal Abilities Required To Enrol In Our Course:

  • Candidates must be able to do the following to be accepted into our programme:
  • Read and comprehend the rules, regulations, instructions, warnings, and signs that are relevant to their driving actions in the road transportation sector.
  • Speak briefly and plainly when discussing difficulties in driving operations in the road transportation industry.
  • Fill out all required documents, complete documentation as part of your duties, etc.
  • For the road transportation industry, identify problems that occur while driving and either remedy them or report them.
  • Recognise any problems that might occur when conducting driving operations in the transportation industry and take the necessary actions to report or address them to the best of your ability.
  • Recognise risks and hazards in a range of driving situations in road transportation.
  • Respond appropriately to adjustments made to the working environment, operational guidelines, or equipment.
  • Adhere to and put emergency and operating plans, processes, and procedures to practice.
  • Drive safely by adhering to all applicable laws and regulations.
  • Collect and evaluate the information needed to support transportation industry operations responsibly.

We specialise in truck licence training including LR licenceMR licenceHC licence and HR Licence.

Multi Combination Truck Licence Brisbane

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