HR LicenceA Complete Guide About The HR Licence

Who can hold an HR licence?

You should have an Australian car driver’s licence for at least 24 months for an HR licence. You should also pass-heavy the vehicle licence vision exam and have owned a C class licence for at least two years or an LR or MR licence for at least one year.

The candidate should meet the following criteria to get an HR licence;

  • You should know how to operate the big rigid vehicle from a current class HR or above driver’s licence.
  • In the case of an overseas driver’s licence, you should provide a letter of confirmation from the authority stating the licence is equivalent to an NSW licence.
  • You should pass an eyesight test.
  • You should pass a heavy vehicle knowledge test and an on-road and off-road driving assessment.
  • Pay the licence fees and pass the medical standards to drive private and commercial vehicles.

Know the responsibilities of an HR licence holder

There are some requirements for applying for an HR Licence in Brisbane.

  • Firstly, you should have a driver’s licence from New south wales.
  • Secondly, have a C class licence for at least two years or an LR or MR licence for one year. 
  • Thirdly, An HR vehicle has a GVM of more than 8 tonnes and three or more axles. 

Additionally, the HR licence holder should abide by the following responsibilities:

  • Take care of the safety of the passengers and other users using the road.
  • Vehicle compliance related to all legal requirements, such as construction and weight restrictions
  • Loading and unloading safely 

How to apply for an HR licence?

If you are looking into applying for an HR licence, you must have a valid licence for at least 24 months.

You can apply for an HR licence online through the state licensing authority website.

Several advantages of having an HR licence

  • Growth and job stability – The drivers with the HR licence can drive anything; there is a lot of scope for working in construction management, transport and warehousing. There are always better chances ahead for the drivers.
  • Increase in your earnings – With a lot of infrastructure development across Melbourne, truck drivers are needed everywhere for the job, thus increasing the overall growth and earring of the individuals.
  • The great demand for HR licence drivers – With a lot of scope in terms of careers, the HR licence driver is needed everywhere, and there is a lot of demand for truck drives. 
  • Licence for all types of vehicles – HR licence is used for trucks and buses. You have the option of driving buses and trucks.

You can succeed with an HR licence if you have the right qualifications and skills. Getting an HR licence doesn’t take that much time. It is quick and easy; you need to book online in advance for the classes. Fill up the form and complete the course from AUS Truck Driving for the best results.

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